Talking about yourself is lame so I’ll keep this short.

I grew up in a small town in Northern Italy - a place of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts. One day I came to Los Angeles to make films and ended up staying here. Not only are there dinosaurs and beasts, but also way more sun.

Working in video production in LA comes with some challenges. One is getting used to drink absurd amounts of bad coffee. The other and most difficult one is getting your clients to understand why they need good stories, not just "content".

I believe that a big shift is happening in the way we consume media.
It's easy to get our attention - what's difficult is holding it.
We live in an attention economy. Everybody is fighting for our attention.
We are constantly bombarded with content and feel overloaded with information.

In an age of unprecedented abundance of choice, customers don't want more - they want better. They want stories that connect and resonate with them. Modern businesses need well-crafted, creative storytelling now more than ever.

Storyforma is a passion project I created with other talented humans that believe in changing the current paradigm and making relationships over things. We're on a mission to share useful ideas and help innovative brands thrive by putting their audience and customers first.

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They say if I put a photo here my conversion rates will increase.

We believe that GREAT marketing IS NOT about grabbing attention. It’s about holding it.

Case Studies & Selected Works

We serve strategic and creative-minded marketing leaders who believe that the best videos say and stand for something unique.
They inform, delight and inspire your target audience to think or act differently.
They attract your ideal customer, make him want to see more, and create word-of-mouth.
They don't just make people arrive - they make them stay.
We make those kinds of videos.
We craft stories that resonate with the identity, values, and culture of your audience.
Stories that drive action and create intimacy at scale.
To do this at our best, we only accept limited numbers of new clients per month to work with.
We select applicants based on those we feel are best fit and most likely to get results.

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