Why Most Advertising Fails


Part 2/3

"Strategy is not about adding more and more stuff.
Strategy is about taking stuff away.
Taking away everything, until there’s only one thing left.
One single powerful thought.
One thought that’s leaner and more efficient than the competition.
That’s what strategy should be"

Dave Trott

"We need a video"

Four words capable of causing absolute terror in a marketing department.

And for legitimate reasons - there are so many variables to consider.

There's the cost.

There's the difficulty of calculating the ROI.

There's the risk of outsourcing the project to someone that doesn't know your company, your market or your brand.

And the scariest of all: ending up with something off-brand, that makes your company look mediocre.

Markets are getting more and more competitive everyday.

You might be competing against a larger company that has a much bigger promotional budget and more salespeople.

Maybe you're also expected to hit a revenue goal that seems impossible.

Maybe your ad agency struggles to find unique ways to communicate the differences your product or service has.

As a marketer, you know that consumers are loyal to certain brands because of emotion-based attractions. When we look for a product or service, we rely on recommendations from friends, family and co-workers.

The right video will help you build a reputable brand consumers can connect with. It will inform, delight and inspire your target audience to think or act differently. This is essential not only to grow sales, but also to influence how people speak about your business to others.

What most companies get wrong about video advertising

Most businesses make one fatal mistake when it comes to video.

They make it all about their product features, going into detailed explanations of what it does, then upload it to their website or social media channels waiting for customers to flock.

Often, after seeing that this doesn't work, they throw some money into paid advertising. Which results in lot of views and impressions, but very little engagement and sales.

Video advertising is not a magic bullet.

"Lot of impressions" doesn't mean "lot of people impressed".

The web is saturated with ads of all shapes and sizes.

The world’s collective knowledge is available at our finger tips.

In this digital age of unlimited choices, we often choose to ignore the stuff we don't care about.

Everyone is tired of being interrupted by unwanted ads and being constantly sold stuff. We are getting savvy about what deserves their attention and what doesn't.

Your product or service might be way better your competitors, have the most amazing features, but customers will not care about it unless you're able to stand out and connect with them in a deeper way.

All companies want to build brand affinity, but most of them focus only on awareness.

Awareness means someone knows of your brand. Affinity means someone likes your brand. It's the most enduring and valuable level of a relationship between a business and consumer, based on the mutual belief that they share common values.

A new way of building brands

In the past, brand awareness was a good indicator of affinity: if you had heard of something, you were more likely to feel positively towards it.

But in a world where all information is available at our fingertips, this is no longer the case.

Tons of content get posted everyday, and the pace will only increase.

More and more businesses are competing for the attention of your customers.

People have more options than ever before.

The more similar they believe your product or service is to what competitors offer, the less likely they are to start buying from you.

The challenge today is standing out and connecting with your customers in a meaningful way.

The new era of marketing is less about who arrives and more about who stays. It’s about holding attention, rather than just grabbing it.

This is why we aim to change the current paradigm.

Affinity is the key to grow an audience of advocates and true fans.

Because to become an advocate for a business, people need to feel connected to its purpose and personality.

We don't create generic, salesy explanation videos.

We don't employ invasive marketing tactics that manipulate people into buying.

We do something else.

Something deeply rooted in human nature.

Thanks For Reading This. It Means The World To Us.

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