The Tournament Where Madness Happens

Sport tv network ESPN needed to create a short social media commercial to promote NCAA March Madness, a college basketball tournament played each spring in the United States.
The goal of the commercial was to get people excited about the event and reach an audience of young basketball enthusiasts.


ESPN wasn't originally planning on creating a commercial for the event, so they had limited resources for production and needed a very quick turnaround. This restricted choices for talents, lighting and locations. 


Director Howard Kim and cinematographer Will Jobe were able to optimize resources by using only one actor across multiple locations that they scouted beforehand. The commercial was aired on ESPN's European channel.

Back To The Streets

The commercial was shot around some iconic locations in Downtown Los Angeles. The choice was to convey the excitement and adrenaline of the tournament through a realistic, dynamic feeling. This was achieved by using only available lighting, anamorphic lenses and fast-paced editing.

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