Beauty, Function And Tradition

Peak Pilates is an industry leader in pilates equipment and education. They needed to produce brand assets for their website as well as online courses for their instructors.


The company's focus is on quality, so we needed to make sure to properly convey this aspect visually. Since the company was originally born in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, they were looking to incorporate an outdoor, nature feeling, also to break away from the ordinary "studio" setting of most pilates brands.


The campaign was shot at the iconic location of El Matador beach in Malibu. It provided Peak with several photo and video assets that have been used for their website and social media channels.
We helped the company build a dedicated filming set for their educational content, where we shot a total of 3 online education programs.

Communicating Quality Through Visuals

The company was created out of dual inspirations: the pristine beauty of nature, and the timeless designs of movement principles created by Joseph Pilates. Their equipment is made of the finest materials, including traditional wood, sustainable bamboo and modern metals.
We translated these concepts into the campaign by carefully composed visuals and music.

Digital Education

Peak also needed to develop digital education content for Pilates professionals who wanted to get certified in their programs. After helping the company build a dedicated set in their headquarter, we produced a total of 3 certifications - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Those programs have been made available online and significantly increased the sales of the equipment.

During each of those programs, we scheduled a day to shoot content that would be used for promotion on the company's social media channels.

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