Promoting Excellence in Youth Soccer

LA Premier FC is a sporting organization with a unique and distinguished focus on leading and guiding young people of all races and economic situations to the destination of a brighter future and a better life.
Their mission is to provide professional and collegiate opportunities for their players and to make a positive impact on players’ lives through soccer.
They asked us to create a video to promote the Boys Development Academy.


The club wanted to distinguish itself from competitors who communicated through traditional "corporate" commercials. Premier was looking for something that felt real and could convey passion, joy, hard work and competition. Another challenge was to work with young kids and have a controlled environment for shooting.


The commercial was shot during live training sesions and games, giving the feeling of being on the field. It received an enthusiastic response from the fans and totaled thousands of views on Youtube and Facebook.

"I Believe"

The inspiration for the campaign came from the idea of believing - in oneself and in the other teammates. The goal was to give the feeling of being on the field with the kids: the footage was shot during actual training and games, using only available lighting and hand camera movements. The choice for editing was a fast, dynamic pace with powerful music to convey the excitement and euphoria of the games.

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