"Strategy is not about adding more and more stuff.
Strategy is about taking stuff away.
Taking away everything, until there’s only one thing left.
One single, powerful thought.
One thought that’s leaner and more efficient than the competition.
That’s what strategy should be"

Dave Trott

I love this quote from legendary creative director Dave Trott because it encapsules what I see most companies getting wrong when they want start making videos.

It all starts with the 4 words most feared by every marketing department:

"We need a video".™

Problem is, everybody has a different idea of what should go in the video.

The product features. The values of the brand. The history of the brand. The customer reviews. The social impact. What starts to sound like a Hollywood feature needs to be crammed into 3 minutes.

Some want to make a cool, branded ad like Nike or Apple.
Others say it's best to do a direct-response infomercial.

The result, after endless revisions, is a video that tries to be all things to all people.

Once you put it online, the response is cold.

No matter how hard you push it, people just seem to not resonate with it.

Why? Obviously to tell people about our product or service so they can buy it, dummy.

And I get it - it's a mess.

There's the cost.
There's the difficulty of measuring the ROI.
There's the risk of outsourcing it to someone that doesn't know your company, your market or your brand.
And the scariest of all: putting out something off-brand that makes you look tacky.

This usually results in one of those two scenarios.

On Demand Rides

In addition to the home bikes, we also produced and helped launch Spinning Digital, a subscription service consisting of a library of online rides that residential users can stream through their tablet, phone or television.

Home digital devices

Reconnecting With The Pros

The other priority was to find new ways of connecting with their traditional customer base - road cycling athletes, studio owners and fitness professionals. We helped launch a new line of commercial bikes by creating content tailored to this target audience.

The Community

Spinning is a community first. It brings together people from all types of different backgrounds and continents looking to share a fun group workout experience.
This community is global and gets together at numerous live events and conventions all around the world - from the United States to Europe and Asia. It's a chance not only to meet new people and stay updated, but also to ride with the best Master Instructors in a room with hundreds of riders.
We filmed some of these events to help their promotion and spread awareness about the uniqueness of the live experience.

Social Media And Website Assets

The company also needed digital video assets for their website and social media channels. This material was taken at the same time of other photo or video shoots, in order to optimize the marketing budget provided. We developed different visuals based on the user profiles - outdoor road cyclist and indoor studio cyclist.

Educational Content

Another need was to upgrade the education. More than 250,000 instructors worldwide have been certified in the Spinning flagship program. The goal was to make this program available online, as well as develop new ones. In order to do this, we helped the company build a set in their headquarter so that they could use it for all their content in the future. We filmed a total of 3 certifications which, in the first year of launch, grossed over 1M+ in revenue.

Other content pieces were designed to educate customers about the products, provide guidance on how to use them and answer the most frequently asked questions. These were distributed either internally or through dedicated social media channels.

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